Global Beauty Company

ESTETICA GROUP has been changing the cosmetics market in Poland for 22 years by dynamically adapting to the needs of the most demanding Customers and changing trends and lifestyle.

Modern thinking, lack of schemes and hard work is the strategy of the future that is the philosophy and the key approach of the company.

Beauty is in You, you just have to discover it.

The effect of responsibility and creativity of the Team are dedicated/private label productions for our business partners: Super-Pharm, Polbita - Drogerie Natura, Pepco, Komex, and others.

Our relationships are based only on long-term contracts and long-term relationships.

We focus on development; we use the most modern solutions, technologies and knowledge of specialists. We deal with big challenges almost every day.

The universalism of solutions and multidimensionality of cosmetics allows us to adapt to the needs of each market and its diversity. Today our cosmetics are available from Great Britain, through Ukraine and Lithuania to Iran.