ESTETICA GROUP thanks to a team of specialists, technologists, cosmetologists, and materials specialists is able to realize any project. Creative team of graphic designers, unusual design temperament, and excellent knowledge of global markets allows you to create "accurate" projects with high sales, reaching the taste and needs, defined by the target group's Partners.

Our Partners can count on creating a complementary project -> assumption -> strategy -> project -> security -> production -> delivery -> possibility of storing goods in our warehouse in Piaseczno.


  • performed the concept and production of a full range of fashion accessories for dedicated clothing collections, gadgets that ensure road safety and fashion bags for KOMEX S.A.
  • performed and created own brands along with the concept of: fragrances for SPA AROMA home, cosmetic and makeup accessories SENSIQUE, INFINITY, KOBO, fashion accessories, impulse and seasonal products for DROGERIE NATURA.
  • performs production dedicated to the LIFE brand: cosmetic treatments, face masks, enzymatic cleansing, diamond scrubs, vaseline products, lipsticks.
  • performs productions dedicated to the Partner's own brands: lip glosses for children in fancy shapes, patches, wet wipes, jelly-shaped bath shapes, and others for PEPCO.
  • performed the production of dedicated scented sachets using the fragrance entrusted to marketing campaigns and supporting the sale of bath lotion for the DOVE brand.
  • performed the production of dedicated beauticians for marketing campaigns and supporting the sale of cosmetics for hair care for the GLISS KUR and Schwarzkopf brands.
  • performs multi-production productions dedicated to caring cosmetics for JERONIMO MARTINS POLSKA.
  • performed large-scale own brand production in the "for children" segment for Rossmann.
  • manufactures foot exfoliating socks under the brand name Zyskaj Zdrowie for Sławex S.A.
  • performs large-scale production of dedicated exfoliation socks under the ApteoCare brand for Neuca S.A.

ESTETICA GROUP also implements a number of projects while fully maintaining design and production discretion.