• 8 June 2018

    PERŁY RYNKU KOSMETYCZNEGO 2018 - 2 brązowe medale dla marki Czyste Piękno!

    PEARLS OF THE COSMETIC MARKET 2018 - 2 bronze medals for the brand Czyste Piękno(Pure Beauty)!

    We have a pleasure to inform, that the Jury of this years edition of the country-wide market research „Pearls of the Cosmetic Market 2018” has awarded two bronze to new cosmetic products of the brand/line Czyste Piękno(Pure Beauty). The awarded products are:

    1. - face mask MASKI DO TWARZY CZYSTE PIĘKNO in the category of complex face care;
    2. - coffee body peeling KAWOWE PILINGI DO CIAŁA – DRENAŻ KOSMETYCZNY CZYSTE PIĘKNO in the category of body care  cosmetics.

    The Grand Gala to sum up the research results took place on June the 7th at the hotel Belotto in Warsaw. The esteemed Jury comprising CEOs and sales managers of the commercial networks identified the best new products introduced into distribution between March the 1st 2017 and March the 1st 2018.

  • 8 June 2018

    Czyste Piękno Masks - NEW PRODUCT EXPO'2018 / PLMA, Amsterdam

    We are happy and proud to announce that we have been distinguished at PLMA’s 2018  “World of Private Label” International Trade Show held in Amsterdam. Our cosmetics under Czyste Piękno brand - intensive two-phase treatment for face, neck and cleavage – Hydroodnowa and Active Regeneracja consisting of hydro mask and highly concentrated serum in syringe have been awarded in NEW PRODUCT category as innovative, highly effective and high-quality products. According to the decision taken by the Organiser, award-winning products have been presented to all the participants and the guests as the latest trend following products.

  • 15 June 2017

    June 2017 - QLTOWY COSMETIC 2017 for Chlapu Chlap

    We are pleased to announce that the Chlapu Chlap EsteticaGroup bathing line won the prestigious title of QLTOWY KOSMETYK 2017 and was the winner in the COSMETICS FOR CHILDREN category. The competition jury appreciated "Chlapu Chlap products encourage bathing, stimulate the imagination and perceptiveness, and teach."
    Chlapu Chlap is an absolute novelty on the Polish market as well as completely unique recipe solutions that enable creative fun, bathing and everyday hygiene.
    COLOURS - colourful gels for painting on the body; ANIMALS - bath gels; BATH BALLS for drawing on tiles; GLICERYN SOAPS; BATH SALTS for colours combining; GALARECIA and GLUTEK, KAMYKI STRZELAKI. For children over 3 years.


  • 10 September 2016

    September 2016 – Gold Pearl of the Cosmetics Market 2016 for Nature de Marseille

    GOLD for Nature de MarseilleEsteticaGroup in the category of bath and shower cosmetics - a brand distinguished from 160 products, submitted by 33 companies, in 12 categories, in this year's Pearls of the Cosmetics Market poll. The award was granted by a professional jury of representatives of drugstore and drugstore and pharmacy chains as well as trade practitioners. GOLD for Nature de Marseille confirms the highest quality of the brand and its high sales potential. 

  • 5 January 2016

    January 2016 - EsteticaGroup awarded the PolishExclusive Award of the year 2015!

    Prestigious PolishExclusive 2015 Award for Estetica Group. The winners of the Polish Exclusive Award are selective brands with an established position, strong market image and identified with comfort and luxury. Receiving the nomination for the competition honours the company's position, emphasizing its contribution to the development of the industry market and the authority it enjoys among consumers and specialists. Winners are selected by the jury of the competition, which includes: marketing experts, media representatives, advertising and PR agencies, business portals and winners of the last year's competition. The awarded prize is the culmination of the persistent and methodical work of ESTETICA GROUP for the development of innovative cosmetic brands, including the leading brand, Dermo Pharma Skin RepairExpert brand, Czyste Piekno, Nature de Marseille.

  • 17 June 2010

    June 2010 - Pearl of the FMCG Market for the Estetica SPA & Beauty product series

    June 2010 - the Estetica SPA & Beauty series has been awarded in the prestigious Pearls of the FMCG Market competition for the most successful products launched on the market in 2010.

  • 2004 - Perfection of the Year for the Au Lait Scottish Fine Soaps series

    2004 - our Au Lait Scottish Fine Soaps bath cosmetics offered by us were awarded with the Excellence of the Year award granted by Twój Styl.